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Eco-friendly & modern pet aftercare you can trust

Coming to Seattle 2024

Full service pet cremation & arrangement

We partner with veterinarians to provide pet aftercare services to pet parents.

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Veterinarians help pet parents say goodbye

You give pet parents and their family a peaceful end-of-life experience. We take it from there.

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Pet parents coordinate with Coda from home

Pet parents receive an invite to Coda's digital arrangement platform. We help them make informed aftercare decisions from the comfort of their homes, provide personalized pet loss support, and memorialize their love.

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Coda handles the cremation & arrangement

We pick up the pet from you, perform a water cremation, and return the ashes to the pet parent. Our team performs every step with compassion and respect for the grieving process.

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We understand that your clients see aftercare services as an extension of you

That's why our services are rooted in empathy & built with intention.

water based cremation

Aquamation is affordable, better for the environment & still results in ashes for pet parents to bring home. Learn more here.

individual cremations only

We believe every pet deserves the dignity of an individual cremation. We do not offer communal cremations.

radical transparency

We're transparent about every step of the process: flat rate pricing, digital tracking and our doors are always open.

unmatched empathy

We love our own pets like family, and understand the difficulty of pet loss. We're here for the pet parents navigating grief.

full customization

No more deciding between only two urn options. Our expansive offering of memorials, not just urns, are available to all Coda customers. Browse here.

We are redefining the standard of pet aftercare

Our aftercare services are designed for the modern pet parent and veterinarian.

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Pet parents are younger.

The past decade’s pet boom means we’re at the beginning of a big cycle of younger pet parents who have never lost a loved one. These pet parents are younger and expect digital convenience, personalized to them.

vet on phone with pet parent

Client expectations are rising.

End of life is the time of highest client expectation and vigilance. You focus on helping pet parents say goodbye, then hand everything off to Coda to create an incredible aftercare experience for your pet parents.

vets dont have time

We give vets time back.

It’s not you - the grief period is getting longer. Strong human animal bonds make loss even harder for families, which requires more compassion and follow up from you. We help lighten both the admin and support load on your team.

We believe pet aftercare can be so much more

That's why we're on a mission to improve the human relationship with end of life. Are you a vet that's ready to change the future of aftercare with us?

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