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Your trusted partner during pet end of life.

At Coda, we are here to support pet parents through the difficult transition when their pet passes. We believe pet parents deserve better than the status quo.

About the Founder

Coda CEO and Founder, Sydney Dahl

Sydney Dahl

Founder & CEO

Sydney is determined to improve the human relationship with pet end of life. She worked for over a decade in engineering and product development for consumer electronics, but always felt a deep connection to her pets.

When her childhood dog Buddy passed away, she found herself asking "why are we given such high quality and diverse product options for something as trivial as luggage, but not for something as important as a memorial?" Longing for more comprehensive, empathetic and design forward pet memorial options, she set out to challenge the status quo and give pet parents a better experience.


Kelsey Dobson Headshot, Coda Advisor

Kelsey Dobson

Jesse Adler Headshot, Coda Advisor

Jesse Adler

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The concluding passage of a masterpiece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure.