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Becoming a Seller


Why should I list my products or services on Coda?

At Coda, we're invested in our sellers and making sure they are successful, supported and well represented. There are three main benefits to listing your pet end of life products or services on our platform:

  • Pet Loss Community: We're more than just a marketplace. At Coda, we are set on changing the conversation around pet loss and providing pet parents a community that understands how difficult it can be to navigate the end of a pet's life.
  • Low Fees: We know how expensive it can be to manufacture hardware products and provide high quality services. Coda supports small businesses and is committed to keeping your business healthy - that means we will not take advantage of our sellers and take huge fees like the large e-commerce platforms do.
  • High Quality Brand: Coda is curated platform of the highest quality products and services. You can trust that Coda will always represent your brand in the best way possible. We invest in making our the brands on our platform successful on our platform by providing our partners improved branding for listings (if needed), and features on our blog and socials.

If you feel your products or services are a good fit for Coda's mission and platform, send the team an email at [email protected] to get started!

How can I get listed on Coda?

Coda is a carefully curated marketplace of high quality products and services. All new sellers will need to be vetted for quality before their listings are approved and released onto the marketplace. If you feel your products or services are a good fit for Coda's mission and platform, send the team an email at [email protected] to get started or take the steps listed on our Becoming a Seller page!

Becoming a Seller

What are the fees to list my product or service on Coda?

There's no cost to list your product or service with Coda! Fees are only charged once you make a sale, and are automatically deducted from the sale before funds are deposited to your account. The standard fee for new sellers is 5% total - 2.9% + $0.30 is for Stripe processing, and the rest goes to Coda to run the marketplace.

What payment processing is used for the marketplace?

The Coda marketplace is integrated with Stripe Connect. You will be prompted to create a Stripe Connect account before you can add your listings to the platform. Stripe Connect is easy to use and connects directly to your bank account. Learn more about Stripe connect here:

How is shipping managed with buyers?

The seller is responsible for shipping products to buyers (payment and shipping information is collected at checkout). You will receive an email when there are new purchases, and can view all purchases in your account within the Coda platform. When you create a new listing, you set a standard shipping rate for your products. The marketplace includes functionality to communicate when a product is shipped, and allows customers to mark their products as received.

If you do not mark the product as shipped within 2 weeks from product purchase date, the transaction will automatically refund. Once buyers receive their product, they are prompted to mark the purchase as received. At that point, both product seller and buyer can write reviews.

How are disputes and returns handled?

The first step for disputes is to try and resolve the issue directly between buyer and seller using the platform's chat functionality. If the issue cannot be resolved directly, Coda will mediate, review the issue, and find a resolution that is appropriate.

How do I handle customizations with buyers?

When creating a listing, please include what options are available for customization and indicate in the product description and images what the buyer needs to provide (name, font selections, color, etc).

For now, we recommend using the order chat functionality to collect the customizations you need (engravings, images) from buyers of your product. There is also a "Custom" listing type available when you create a new listing that allows customers to write instructions to you during checkout when they place their order.

The Coda marketplace is missing features that are important to me as a seller. Can these be added?

Let us know what feature you'd like to see at [email protected]! We are constantly working on and releasing new features to the platform. We would love to hear what you want to see released next.