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Cremation Painting - Chrysanthemum (November)

Chrysanthemum’s are often associated with grief​,​ with violet-hued chrysanthemums associated specifically with the journey of well-being. This flower has many medicinal uses​,​ which may be why it lends itself to well-wishes. Capture the essence of your love by preserving their ashes within the beautiful clusters of the chrysanthemum. Each painting is hand painted by me to order​,​ using the ashes of your pet. I start by tracing the outline of your chosen flower onto the 9” by 12” canvas paper​,​ and begin by mixing a small amount of your fur baby's ashes with each color of paint. Your beloved pet's ashes will be present in every aspect of the painting​,​ although not visible. The painting is then finished with a protective varnish​,​ to seal the ashes and the painting. Every painting will be slightly different​,​ with variations in color and texture. The price of each painting includes a prepaid ashes collection kit​,​ which will be sent to your address soon after your order is placed. The kit includes a small tin and a prepaid envelope to send the ashes back to my studio. If you have any questions​,​ please send me a message here on LoveCoda!


  • CategoryArt
  • MaterialOther
  • ColorGreen, Purple, Pink
  • Listing typeCustom

Specialty features

  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA

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